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Rodney Nelsestuen over at Tower Group recently wrote this piece Fraud Management: Covering the Basics, Extending the Value. There was a lot to like in this report and, if financial services fraud is something you care about, I highly recommend [Read More]



I don't think this is a failure so much as a renewed recognition that there is an A in AI - Artificial. To me artificial intelligence should be different from human intelligence. I think the idea of load balancing between people and computers is a great one - see http://www.edmblog.com/weblog/2006/07/load_balancing_.html

Olivier Bousquet

The title of my post was intentionally provocative.
But I agree with you: combining both human and artificial intelligence(s) is probably a promising direction.

Matthew Hurst

In the early days of AI there was solid motivation to study the area both by better understanding and to better understand human intelligence. This part of the programme has been lost in the vast array of niche areas of study that are currently associated with AI. If one associates the 'completion' of AI research with a full(er) understanding of human intelligence, then one wouldn't be surprised at the rate of success.

Personally, I believe in the inevitable appearance of strong AI. It wouldn't surprise me, however, that it will come from an unexpected direction. That is to say, not out of academic research labs, but out of some highly capitalized business area such as computer games or humanoid robotics.

Jean-Marc Kerisit

I agree with you: the totalitary vision of Artificial Intelligence has definitely failed (hopefully for ever); and time is coming for a more modest AI dream: take benefinit of all technologies to propose to human beings developing and enhancing their intelligence power thanks to ergonomic cooperation with algorithms, systems and machines. Would AI enable us to become more human ? This seems to me a hopeful question to raise...


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