Recent Papers

  • A. Gretton, O. Bousquet, A.J. Smola and B. Schölkopf. Measuring Statistical Dependence with Hilbert-Schmidt Norms. MPI Technical Report, 2005. PDF
  • J.-Y. Audibert and O. Bousquet. Combining PAC-Bayesian and generic chaining bounds. Submitted, 2005. PDF
  • J. Weston, B. Schölkopf and O. Bousquet. Joint Kernel Maps. Proceedings of the 8th International Work-Conference on Artificial Neural Networks (Computational Intelligence and Bioinspired System) LNCS 3512, 176-191, 2005. PS
  • S. Boucheron, O. Bousquet and G. Lugosi. Theory of classification: some recent advances. ESAIM Probability & Statistics, appear. PDF
  • P. L. Bartlett, O. Bousquet and S. Mendelson. Local Rademacher complexities. Annals of Statistics, 33(4):1497-1537, 2005. PDF
  • S. Boucheron, O. Bousquet, G. Lugosi and P. Massart. Moment inequalities for functions of independent random variables. Annals of Probability, 33(2):514-560, 2005. PDF
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